Bybit CEO Visits Turkey to Back Growth of Crypto in the Region

Wednesday 26 Apr 2023, 6 : 04 pm

ISTANBUL-Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of top crypto exchange Bybit visited Turkey to meet with affiliates, start-ups, and clients to discuss how best to support crypto adoption in the region and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Zhou said the Bybit team will use information gleaned from their meetings to better hone Bybit’s offerings.

Bybit is expanding its presence in Turkey with a renewed focus on gaining new users by emphasizing the trustworthiness and reliability of its platform.

With trust being a top priority for the Turkish target audience, the company is taking concrete actions to reinforce its Listen, Care, and Improve principles.

“As a global exchange, Bybit understands the importance of localized communities in driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies,” said Zhou.

“Turkey has emerged as a strategic market for crypto and we were one of the first global exchanges to establish a Turkish community and to build a local team.”

Turkey has seen a significant rise in crypto adoption in recent years as its citizens have sought to diversify their savings and means of wealth creation.

Zhou met with clients and opinion leaders who endorsed Bybit as having the “trust element,” a superior user experience, and “fast communication.” Transparency is a cornerstone of Bybit’s policy and the exchange is committed to working with regulators to ensure compliance and safety.

The security of funds was high on the agenda for many of the Turkish affiliates who met with Zhou, and they were keen to learn more about Bybit’s multi-level authentication protocols, anti-fraud systems, and 24/7 proof-of-reserves. And when it comes to secure on-off ramps, allowing traders to move between crypto and fiat balances, Bybit is expanding these options for Turkish users, too.

“Turkey is a key market for our industry and Bybit is proud to be at the forefront of this movement,” Zhou added. “Our commitment to the region is unwavering, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Bybit and the Turkish crypto community.”

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